Use a Golf Range Finder to Enhance Your Golf Game

For those who are lovers of we have recently tested out a relatively new product called a golf range finder which allows you to measure the distance from your location to the golf flag or any other object for that matter. The golf range finder works by using a safe invisible laser that bounces off of the target and comes back to the range finder giving an accurate measurement of the distance of the object. Most golf range finders including the one we were sent from are accurate of within 1 meter with their measurements which is pretty impressive. The reading cane be made in either yards or meters and you can purchase different range finders with the ability to go longer distances such as 600 meters, 900 meters and even 1500 meters.

The reading on the one we have tested can give you an accurate measurement within 1 second of being pointed at the target object. Many range finders also have what is known as pin seeker technology which means that they can get accurate readings from the golf pin which are usually harder to get a reading on as they are known as a soft target when compared to something like a tree. Pin seeking technology means that this is no longer a problem as range finders are now specifically for golf in a lot of cases.

Our range finder also has a slope edition which means that it can calculate the range whilst taking into account the incline or decline of a slope which can make things appear closer or further away than they actually are.



Why are Android Boxes becoming to popular in Australia?

As technology continues to race from one new marvel to the next it is no wonder that the android TV box has become such a popular product all around the world but particularly in Australia. Australia is known to be an expensive country and cable networks such as Foxtel charge well over $100 for their main monthly package which is quite a lot of money for a lot of people. It is for this reason that a lot of people are turning to internet TV such as Stan here in Australia. Not only is it a lot cheaper but you have so much content at the press of a button on demand which is something companies like Foxtel will find it hard to compete against.

Stan is $9.99 per month and provides you with thousands of movies and TV programs on demand. People then need a device to stream this content from. Traditionally many people used their laptops and connect their laptop to their TV via HDMI cable but that was before devices like the android box became readily available and at affordable prices. You can now pick up a decent android TV box for around $100 and it is a one off fee as the box is not associated with any apps, it is merely a piece of hardware to stream apps on and there is often confusion over this.

Because of this affordable price many people are purchasing these android boxes here in Australia and using apps like Stan while they cancel their expensive Foxtel service. Foxtel in particular have been slow to combat the technology boom that is the android box and they have not really lowered their prices to compete with such technology.

How do wireless speakers work? IBSports Take a look!

Bluetooth speakers are getting really popular in recent times for its facility. To be honest, most of us like listening to music, those musics can be of different types or different genres but most of us listen to music. Bluetooth speakers give us an extra advantage, by which we can listen to music from our laptop or smartphone.

There are different types of wireless speakers, some of the speakers may be quite small so that you can port it from anywhere. And at the same time there is some Bluetooth speaker which is now quite portable because of their size. In fact, these types of bluetooth speakers are made for home use only.

If you have a portable Bluetooth speaker, then you can use it in anywhere at any time. As, for example, if you want to play music from your laptop on your friend’s birthday party, then you can do it easily with your Bluetooth speaker. And the quality of the sound also makes this thing quite popular among the customers.

So, as you are experiencing that now a days the no. of users of Bluetooth speakers are gaining day by day, you must be wondering how these speakers work. So, in this article I am going to tell you about how Bluetooth speakers work.

How Bluetooth speakers work?

With the help of a bluetooth speaker you can listen to any type of music directly from your laptop or smartphone. And the key part is that you will not require any type of wires. So it is basically a wireless connection that helps to communicate between two different devices. But though a Bluetooth speaker is wireless, it has a certain range and in this range the speaker will work perfectly, if you take the Bluetooth speaker out of its range, then it will not work and you won’t be able to listen to various types of music. The key thing is that when you are in the range of Bluetooth speaker you can control different things with the help of this speaker.

So, when you are listening to the music with a Bluetooth speaker, the first thing you should do is pairing up your device with your laptop, smartphone or desktop. The pairing process is not so complex; in fact, it is very easy. And once you have done the pairing with your device once, the Bluetooth speaker can recognize your device from the next time. So you don’t have to face any kind of problems at all.

When it comes about the working principle of Bluetooth speakers, there is one thing you should remember and that is though these speakers are wireless, it may need a chord that will connect the speaker with the power source. If you are looking for portability then you can opt for such Bluetooth speakers which run on batteries.

And most of these Bluetooth speakers are quite efficient, so if you want to listen to any music which is stored in your laptop or smartphone, then you can surely opt for Bluetooth speakers.

Are Android TV Boxes Worth The Money?

For those of you who can’t afford expensive monthly sports packages here is something that might interest you! We recently got an email from the guys at android tv boxes Ireland who sell android tv boxes believe it or not. For those of you who are not familiar an android box is a small computer like device that turns a normal television into a smart TV. It is not like a traditional sky or UPC box but more like a computer or android phone that runs apps that let you access content. It gives you full access to Google play store so you can download all of your favorite android apps including netflix, gmail, skype and basically anything available on Google play store.

So how is this relevant for sports. Well it allows you to download apps like Sky Go also which mean you can stream sky sports via your internet connection and the android TV box. This means that you can have 1 Sky subscription and also run sky go on the android box in a separate room thus saving you having to pay for a second bill. An android tv box also allows you to access movies and TV shows on demand with popular apps like RTE player and netflix. So rather than fighting over the TV why not get an android box for a one off fee and give it a try. Obviously you will have to pay for your internet connection also but we presumed most people have that at this stage! Give it a shot and let us know what you think.