New Zgemma H.2S From Dreambox Allows you to watch Sports

Zgemma who have a good reputation when it comes to freesat TV receivers have released the successor to their very successful Zgemma Star 2 box in the Zgemma H.2S. The H.2S is a twin tuner receiver which means that you can watch one channel whilst recording another on this box. This box in particular is very impressive as you can install various skins on it, one of which is the Slky skin which is basically a rip off of the Sky box skin. This is important as many people are familiar with a Sky box and it can make the move to the Zgemma H.2S a bit easier for those of you are less tech savvy.

Of course the H.2S which is sold by who are an Irish official seller of Zgemma allows you to get free TV so no monthly subscriptions are needed. Many people are now making the move and you can get many of the channels that you are paying for with subscription TV on the dreambox which is why many people are making the move over to free TV. Another option that is more affordable is to get the Openbox V9S which is an upgrade to the Openbox V8S which again was very successful. The V9S has built in WIFI which the older model did not have so you can update your channel list directly on the box over WIFI.

gaa dreambox

The Openbox V9S comes in at around €75.00 whilst the Zgemma H.2S comes in at €149.00 so there is quite a difference. In saying that the Openbox V9S is not a twin tuner so you can not record and watch a different channel like you can on the Zgemma and also the Zgemma is a quicker box and you can install custom skins which makes a huge difference to the interface. So these are some good options to pick up Sports channels especially in Ireland for GAA which is broadcast on Free TV channels anyway!

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