Use a Golf Range Finder to Enhance Your Golf Game

For those who are lovers of we have recently tested out a relatively new product called a golf range finder which allows you to measure the distance from your location to the golf flag or any other object for that matter. The golf range finder works by using a safe invisible laser that bounces off of the target and comes back to the range finder giving an accurate measurement of the distance of the object. Most golf range finders including the one we were sent from are accurate of within 1 meter with their measurements which is pretty impressive. The reading cane be made in either yards or meters and you can purchase different range finders with the ability to go longer distances such as 600 meters, 900 meters and even 1500 meters.

The reading on the one we have tested can give you an accurate measurement within 1 second of being pointed at the target object. Many range finders also have what is known as pin seeker technology which means that they can get accurate readings from the golf pin which are usually harder to get a reading on as they are known as a soft target when compared to something like a tree. Pin seeking technology means that this is no longer a problem as range finders are now specifically for golf in a lot of cases.

Our range finder also has a slope edition which means that it can calculate the range whilst taking into account the incline or decline of a slope which can make things appear closer or further away than they actually are.



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